Welcome to the F.A.Q of Pigraid, here we will try to anwser all your questions.

How to join the server?

We are a bedrock edition network. You can join via Minecraft PE or Minecraft Windows 10 Edition, our ip is play.pigraid.net

How to buy a rank?

You can buy ranks or any other items at shop.pigraid.net

How to become a staff ?

We have made a google form so you can apply to be a staff, the link is app.pigraid.net

How to play Factions?

Since this is a new kind of factions server never seen in the Minecraft Bedrock servers, we have made a complete page dedicated to how to play Pigraid Factions, there will be tutorials, commands and everything you need to know about the Empires, Shops and Factions Outposts.
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